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Meet Amiya | Creative Director | Writer

Amiya Johnson, hailing from Bellevue, NE, is a seasoned videographer and editor with a remarkable career journey. Her love for video production ignited during her high school years when she assumed the role of a video yearbook director, ultimately leading to her winning multiple accolades at the prestigious Omaha Film Festival.

Post-high school, Amiya pursued an Associate's degree in Audio and Video Communications at Metropolitan Community College of Omaha. It was there that she showcased her talent by crafting a compelling mini-documentary for Chick-fil-A, impressing the company enough to enlist her for two more promotional videos.

Amiya's professional path further blossomed when she embarked on an internship with FLIYE Arts, contributing her videography skills to generate promotional content for a diverse range of clients, including entrepreneurs, creatives, and music artists in 2018. Soon, she ventured into the realm of freelance videography, collaborating with local professionals and small businesses to cater to their unique video content needs.

In the year 2020, Amiya took a significant step forward by establishing EnvisionGold Media LLC as a domestic LLC in the state of Nebraska. Her videography business continued to thrive, and she extended her reach by partnering with industry filmmakers for a variety of personal and commercial projects. Eventually, Amiya relocated to Atlanta, GA, where she's actively engaged in creating captivating video content for local business professionals and enterprises, specifically tailored for their social media and web platforms.

Beyond traditional videography, EnvisionGold Media also offers a range of alternative services, including virtual editing, web design, and graphic design, providing comprehensive solutions to her clients.


In addition to her professional achievements, Amiya has made remarkable strides in her academic pursuits. She has authored three e-books and offers online instruction in content creation, helping individuals expand their knowledge in the field of video content creation. Moreover, she has developed online video courses and marketing content, empowering aspiring content creators to enhance their online video presence.


Amiya's commitment to her craft remains unwavering, as she continues to work closely with local and corporate businesses while simultaneously fostering a community of aspiring content creators by teaching and creating opportunities for them to flourish.


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