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Why EnvisionGold Media?

At EnvisionGold Media our statement is "Vision is everything".  Vision is the driving force behind every project and we believe in creating projects that execute our clients vision and bring their story to light. We work in person and virtually with all our clients to ensure we’re meeting and completing all projects in a timely manner.

EnvisionGold Media has worked with non-profit organizations such as Omaha Girls Rock out of Omaha, NE, Chick fil-A, and other major startup businesses.

Based in Georgia*​

Our Process

Confident Woman


Planning Meeting


Film Set



In the consulting stage we're learning more about your business and your needs to create your video.


Our team will develop a digital proposal that will outline your video is created.


We produce and edit your project in full

and send the finalized video off for your


Video Production Subscription Plans

We offer subscription plans for your video needs for you to have more consistent video content for your needs. 


Your monthly plan includes..

Video Development

2 HD Videos

up to 2 minutes 

Professional Audio Gear

Free Photography (LIMITED)

High quality Editing

$3850 / month

Your monthly plan includes..

Video Development

Up to 3 HD Videos

Up to 3 hours on location

Professional Audio Gear

Free Photography (LIMITED)

High quality Editing

$5250 / month

Your monthly plan includes..

Video Development

Up to 4 HD Videos

Up to 5 hours on location

Professional Audio Gear

Unlimited Photography

High quality Editing



Money Back Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction ensures that you don't pay for the services if you aren't satisfied.

Accepted Payment Methods

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SSL Secure Payments

All invoices and payments are

secured through Intuit SSL encryption secure payment method.

Looking to save money? Check our our low subscription plan below and find the plan that works best for you and your needs.

*Looking for just a video for a one-time thing? Well ask about single video pricing and custom package pricing for to


Event Recap

Our Work

Promo Highlight

Promote your products, services or business with a promo video that gives insight.

Announcement Videos

Keep your audience and clients informed with the latest information/

Highlight Reel Videos

Do you have a brand you want to highlight to your audience?

Highlight Reels are a great way to showcase what you have

to offer

Event Recap

Showcase your event and provide something with 

your audience to look back on.


Provide the vital information about your business and the services you offer.

Social Media Content

Have engaging content for your social media is a great way to grow your online presence and build your brand.


Get your special day captured with EnvisionGold Media videography services


We take your pre-recorded clips and clip

them together into a video

What our clients are saying

I hired Amiya for a project for an organization that reaches millions. Once her quality was reviewed by the team, they were in awe. I envisioned greatness, but Amiya truly brought the gold. EnvisionGold is absolutely appropriate because that is what she brings. I am in awe and am honored to have worked with her. I will definitely hire her again for more projects to make a lasting impact!

Karissa D/ Motivational Speaker  / World Traveler

Video services options



Your brand has a story and what better way to bring highlight to your business through a commercial. Whether its a short promo or informative we got you covered.


Showcase reviews from your clients on video and provided potential prospects something to reflect on.

Content for your online advertising to connect those viewers with your services and products.

Mini Promos

Event Recap

We will come to your event and record the special moments into a promo video for you to share.

Non-Profit Videos

Whether you just need standard content or need to inform potentional donors, we got you covered.

Social Media Content

We will create vital content for you to promote on your page.

Training/How to

Get your process down on screen for everyone to view 

over and over again. Use the information for your 

audience to connect to.

Sport Reels

We will film or your edit your footage and put together a highlight reel to showcase your skills and send it over.


Who we are..

EnvisionGold Media is full service video production that creates videos for individuals,organizations and businesses.

Amiya Johnson has worked with major businesses and non profits such as Chick fil-A

Omaha Beef Football, ICRI , Genrevaein and Afro Swag Media and Magazine.

EnvisionGold Media offer a variety of video services to cover our client video needs and provides additional marketing strategies to help grow their businesses day by day.

EnvisionGold Media has been able to help clients with web design , social media management and consulting services as well.

EnvisionGold Media slogan is "Vision is everything..envision yours'. A clear vision is the key to all our clients videos in order to execute  and meet all our clients needs.

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Amiya Johnson CEO/Founder

Photo by: The Production Room

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